A practical guide to manifest your desires into physical reality and to align your life with your inner truth.

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Etienne & Rion in Medellin (Colombia)
Etienne & Rion in Medellin (Colombia)

There is a very specific reason why you are here, it's no coincidence. The desire that brought you here is the very same desire that brought me to write this. It's the other half of the same desire. A desire is a thought from the divine seeking physical manifestation through us.

What brought you here, really? What is that desire? What are you seeking?

I believe you have something of great value within you. You want to break free of social conditioning and want to stop trading your entire life for money. You want to awaken your true power, develop your gifts and be of service to others with what you're most passionate about. You don't want to live in survival mode anymore and you want to fully live your life with freedom, power and opportunities.

The first step is acknowledging what your true desire is. Once you decide to step into your desire, opportunities will start showing up to transform your reality both internally and externally.

I do not currently have any further training for sale about dharma spirituality. I do however give out a lot of valuable information, articles, videos and opportunities in my newsletter. The next step after deciding to step into your desire is to join our tribe by signing into our mailing list on the right side. This is provided totally free of charge.

Then, if you are not where you want to be, there are specific things within you holding you back. I can do an Energy Profile Reading of your energy field. From your picture, I can measure very specific key aspects within your energy field to precisely measure the level of development of your strengths and weaknesses. Everything shows up in these readings and nothing stays hidden, so it will become very clear what's holding you back and what you need to work on. Once you know exactly where to focus your efforts, it becomes easy to resolve these issues. Problems and plateaus are only difficult to break through because they are blind spots in our consciousness.

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One-on-one coaching

Then, if you want to work directly with me to bring you further into your purpose, I only work with highly committed people because of the high level of transformational value I provide. You can work with me either one-on-one over the phone or in a live intimate group setting. In either case, I request a $5000 investment (with payment plan available).

One-on-one coaching allows shifting your inner core and reframing your external world to bring cascading changes into your life. Past clients broke out of procrastination and their lives unfolded like a snowball rolling down the hill. The one-on-one coaching allows us to work in a very precise and impactful way. There are a few requirements for one-on-one coaching to ensure we'll best leverage our time together.

1. You must have at least some basic understanding of dharma spirituality and energy healing. Reading this website is enough if you already have some experience with spirituality.

2. You must have a clear purpose-oriented goal or a clear issue to resolve that would allow you to step into your path. In order to bring leverage and fast results, we must be clear about what to work on.

3. If you meet these two criteria, we'll have a discussion over the phone to clarify and deepen your goal and to see whether working together would be a good fit for both of us. This strategy session is provided free of change and is only available to a very few select people.

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Live events

The other option is to work in a live intimate group setting. I usually work with small groups of 6-8 people for 4-5 intensive days, and sometimes host it with another high-level coach. We've hosted legendary events of over 60 hours with 2 coaches where people anti-aged 4-8 years. You get much more value out of a live event because we have much more time together. However, availabilities are very limited and you have to travel around the world. We usually host them in foreign countries where there is a lot to learn from the culture and energy of the place itself.

I host some events on my own while I host others with Rion Freeberg. Also, the main focus of the event as well as the group size can vary so the price can vary in consequence. While the focus of one-on-one coaching is to pull you down into your own unique path, the focus of live events is on all aspects of inner transformation. Make sure you are registered into our mailing list to be notified of upcoming live events. If there are no events being organized right now, fill the form below to put your name on a waiting list, to show your interest and to be notified first of an upcoming event. This does not commit you to anything, but it does help us organize events that match the demand. If there are several requests in your area, we might decide to host an event in your area. If you can bring a group of 6-8 people together, I can also travel and host the event at discounted price since most of the work is in finding and bringing together a group of people that is highly committed to their transformation and to fully step into their path.

Live events can focus on different aspects so make sure to tell us what you are mostly looking for:

  • Energy healing and inner transformation
  • Clarifying your life purpose and stepping into it
  • Developing precise intuitive abilities
  • Developing a business that is aligned with your own truth and purpose
  • Understanding relational dynamics and improving your relationships
  • Developing focus and getting out of time and information overwhelm

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One-on-one coaching is recommended for those living their purpose and who have something to leverage to increase their income. Live events are recommended for those will clarifying what they truly want out of life and who want the most value for their dollars.

Time and space are a creation of the mind. Now is the time to step into the life you truly desire because now is the only time that exists. What are you waiting for to get into action?

To your spiritual freedom



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