A practical guide to manifest your desires into physical reality and to align your life with your inner truth.

What Is Dharma

Your unique direction in life
Your unique direction in life

According to Wikipedia, the dharma is that which upholds, supports or maintains the regulatory order of the universe. It is the alignment with the natural laws of life and of the universe.

As we covered in the last chapter, manifesting desires is aligning with the flow of life that seeks growth for all. Thus, manifesting your desires is your dharma, which is why I call this dharma spirituality.

There are actually three levels of desires.

First, you have the desire to survive. That means you will eat, drink and sleep every day for the rest of your life, with very few exceptions. That desire is strong enough for you to spend a considerable amount of time and energy every day to do these things over and over again, and it doesn't feel like work. If you spend a few days without food and water, you're gone. If you don't get any love and affection whatsoever, you may not want to live very long, so that's also required for survival.

Second, you have the desire of growth for all. That means you'll seek to reconnect more fully with your higher nature and you'll seek to bring more value into the lives of others. That's your life purpose. Money is a tool that allows the exchange of value between individuals. It allows extending service beyond physical reach. It allows you to provide people with things that are more valuable to them than their dollars. It allows you to enrich others, and yourself, and to improve their quality of life. The desire of growth also brings a sense of fulfillment.

If you skip the desire to survive and focus only on the desire of growth, you will not live very long.

Third, you have the desire to thrive. That means you want to go past the struggles to flow through success and enjoy the benefits of it. That may include the freedom to work when you want, to travel wherever you want and to do whatever you want. That may also include a nice car, a luxurious house, the latest computer, the finest clothes, the best sexual experiences and anything else that makes your life more enjoyable.

If you skip the desire of growth for all and focus only on the desire to thrive, you may get all these toys but you will be left with a sense of emptiness. These toys will not bring you happiness and fulfillment. Your life purpose and alignment with spirit will. Once you master the second level of desires, you will reach a happiness and fulfillment that will reflect and manifest itself into all these external circumstances.

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