A practical guide to manifest your desires into physical reality and to align your life with your inner truth.

What Are Desires

Desire = de sidere = from the divine
Desire = de sidere = from the divine

There are actually two types of desires. If we look at the origin of the word "desire", it comes from the Latin "de sidere" which means "from the stars" or "from the divine". A desire is a thought from the divine seeking physical manifestation through you. From now on, whenever I will use the word desire, it will refer to this definition.

It can also come from a dysfunctional place within you, in which case I call it a craving.

The Buddhists do not make the distinction between desires and cravings. They view them as synonyms that should be eliminated, which leads to a state of passivity, to the devaluation of physical life and to being financially broke. The same goes for modern spirituality.

The source of sufferings is attachments. Attachments come from cravings, which come from a belief that the things you desire are separate from you. God wants you to have these things more than you want them yourself, otherwise he wouldn't be sending you these desires. These desires are the flow of life that seeks growth to all. The sin is not in acting on your desires, but in restricting the flow of life. That's what causes suffering.

Each craving carries the seed of a desire to fill an emotional void. Once you shift your cravings from seeking external fulfillment to healing inner voids, all you are left with are desires and it eliminates the issue of suffering altogether.

Manifesting desires is not about seeking fulfillment and happiness from external things. It is about experiencing and overflowing the fullness of life and reflecting it into the external world.

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