A practical guide to manifest your desires into physical reality and to align your life with your inner truth.

The Growth of Life

Sacred Millennial Tree (Peru)
Sacred Millennial Tree (Peru)

Life seeks growth for all and comes through your ideas, instincts, inspiration, desires and drive. Happiness and fulfillment come from the alignment with the laws of life. Your life purpose is to align with life and be part of its growth.

If a desire comes through you, it means that what's required to make it happen is already around you. There is no half anything in life until we get humans involved. The idea seeking physical manifestation is whole, but you just perceive the desire half of it. It's just a matter of perceiving and connecting with the other half. Most likely the other half is people with a desire to seek what you desire to offer.

Let's see how this works with a physical sexual desire, as I worked many years to improve that aspect of my life. The desire comes from the chemistry and polarity with another person. If there's only one person involved, then it's a craving, not a desire. I paid close attention to this process last time it happened. The woman is attracted by my alignment with my own sexual energy. I hold one half of the desire while she holds the other half of it. She climbs on top of me and does the job herself. It's not something I have to go get and make happen. The other half of the desire is already seeking me. It's really a desire for love, intimacy, orgasm and, if you are lucky (or unlucky), birth of life. I just have to remove what's getting in the way.

It's the same for other desires. I have the desire to bring all this value out into the world. My main challenge over the years has been to find the proper energetic alignment with the tribe I am meant to lead. Since you are reading this, you hold the other half of that desire as you are seeking the answers I am exposing here. My alignment with the root of my desire drew you here as you have a desire to go in the same direction. From here, it's not about doing things and forcing things to happen. It's about aligning with the core of your desire to provide you what you are already seeking. It's also about removing what's getting in the way.

The same goes for all your other desires. It's all about enriching yourself and enriching others, spiritually, energetically, emotionally, financially, technologically and in all other ways.

It's about serving more, earning more, living more and spending more. Increasing the circulation of value between individuals brings more life to all.

There are some people trying to earn less, live less and spend less to save the environment, but that's not understanding the cause of the environmental problems. Self-sabotage and dis-alignment with spirit bring the destruction of self and the destruction of the environment. Self-love and alignment with spirit bring sustainable harmony with nature. We have no lack of food, but people die of hunger while rice rots in storage because of the way the financial system is working. We have no lack of energy as there are plenty of technologies that can provide free or cheap energy, but all these technologies have been suppressed. Environmental problems do not come from living with luxury. They come from restricting the flow of ideas and the flow of life. They also come from not paying others what they are worth and forcing them to save money. If you had a higher quality cellphone that would last 10 years, that alone would produce much less pollution.

The force of life wants you and others to live abundantly. By giving your very best to improve other people's lives and earning good wealth for it, you can then pay others what they are worth to bring their very best. Then, not only do you become a service distribution center but you also become a wealth distribution center. The universal intelligence always takes the quickest and simplest way to bring more life to all. By aligning with the laws of wealth, you then become a great opportunity to distribute wealth into the physical world, which the source is already trying to do. It will for sure use the opportunity you provide.

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