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The Force beyond Stillness

Light shining through the world
Light shining through the world

The Eastern masters talk about a place of stillness and non-existence beyond time and space, which some call Nirvana. From there, life and chaos organizes itself through the plane of creation and down into the physical world.

But... how can something be created out of nothing? This is impossible. This would defy the laws of physics. Also, when people talk about the universal mind, where does that fit in the structure of the Universe? The universal mind is everything while stillness is nothing. Thus, these cannot be the same. Maybe universal intelligence comes from the plane of creation below stillness? We're back to the same problem. How can something be created out of nothing?

There is something missing in the picture. There is a force beyond stillness. The force of life creates THROUGH the plane of stillness, organizes itself through the plane of creation and comes down into the physical world.

The force of life is universal intelligence and strictly follows the laws of nature. God is not a person. It is a set of principles that regulate life and the Universe. One of these principles is that life seeks growth and freedom to all and less to none. Since we are all connected and are all children of that force of life, God i not an external entity judging you but an internal power giving you complete freedom.

Our self is composed of 5 aspects: mind, body, spirit, heart and sexiness. This force of life seeks expression through each of these 5 aspects of your self: through ideas, instincts, inspiration, desires and drive.

Your life purpose comes as a burning desire. When you devalue desires and the physicality of life, instincts, desires and drive get repressed. You may still know your life purpose through inspiration and ideas, but there's not enough drive behind it to make it happen. It is impossible to live your life purpose and transcend desires at the same time.

Stillness represents death in its purest form. The force of life represents life in its purest form. It is composed of 9 rays of creation each bringing a different aspect of life, but that's a topic for a whole other conversation. The way to reconnect with that force of life is through inner stillness.

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