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My Story of Discontentment

Etienne Charland, author & healer
Etienne Charland, author & healer

I've been working with some of the best coaches in the world. One of them told me the tribe I am meant to lead is those one step behind me on my path. I thought this couldn't work for me because my path is so unusual. What I then realized is that it's the story I created around my path that is unique, not the core desire and drive behind it. Let me share my story and see whether it resonates with your own situation and desires.

I came from a place where my desires were repressed and where my time, work and energy were not spent on what felt true. Now that I look back, I'm sure I'm not the only one in that situation. I was in a state of passive discontentment for the most part of my life. I knew something wasn't right but I didn't know what to do about it.

I was a very intelligent person, started programming computers when I was 12-year-old and graduated in Computer Science. I was very rational and analytical and thought I had it all figured out about how the world works. I didn't know anything about spirituality back then, but I knew something wasn't quite right with my life and with the way others around me were living their lives.

The absence of social and intimate lives, and the loneliness, was especially painful. Then I looked around me. People were studying many years to get a degree, a good job, a husband or wife, kids, a house, a car and work full-time to make their payments until they are over 60 and too old to do anything of their lives. I thought they were crazy and I wasn't interested in living that life. In dictatorial societies through history, people would trade their lives for a cause. Now, people trade their lives for no cause at all.

I was able to step out of that path for two reasons. First, my situation was so uncomfortable that things had to change or I wouldn't be here today. Second, I had a strong desire to do something about it. I sold everything I had including my car and computer to move abroad and live in different cultures that spoke different languages.

The worst situation to be in is in a tolerable but unfulfilling situation as it doesn't force any changes and people can stay in that zone of passive discontentment their entire lives. Unfortunately, most people in our modern society spend their entire lives in a state of passive discontentment.

Then there are people who find a way out by meditating and reaching a place of inner stillness and live in a state of passive contentment. That approach didn't appeal to me back then because I didn't know anything about spirituality and especially because I wasn't content with a state of passive contentment.

I wanted to solve real-life problems to have a richer social life and to do something concrete with my life. I did not know where that would lead but I did know what felt right at the moment and it eventually led to enriching the lives of others while living with complete freedom. There are many decisions I made for which I only understood the reason years later.

Many people tell me I'm lucky to travel and live all around the world. I tell them it has nothing to do with luck. It was a decision. If you leave it up to luck and fate or wait until it's the right time, you may remain stuck in passive discontentment for the rest of your life. It all comes down to a decision, and now is the right time because now is the only time that exists. It doesn't matter what you truly want to do with your life. You don't need to know where the path leads. What matters is that you do what feels right at this time. As you keep doing what feels right in the moment, your life will unfold into new possibilities.

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