A practical guide to manifest your desires into physical reality and to align your life with your inner truth.

Why Dharma Spirituality

Life piercing through its repression
Life piercing through its repression

Dharma spirituality is a philosophy of manifesting your desires into physical reality. It's about living a more human life in alignment with spirit. It's about raising your consciousness and following your path to enlightenment. It's about living with complete freedom while being of service to others.

If you are reading this, you are probably drawn to spiritual ideas yet are not content with living in a passive state of contentment and are seeking deeper answers about how to live a rich life that feels aligned with your higher spirit.

If this resonates with you, take the time to carefully read each chapter. My writing style is very concise. I avoid turning around the point and instead go straight to the core with clear and precise explanations. Also, I'm not coming from any existing philosophy and some concepts may be difficult to grasp at first from your world-view. So, please put all your pre-existing concepts aside and keep an open mind. Once you are done with this reading, you can then keep what rings true and discard what doesn't.

There is only one absolute truth and the only place you can find it is within yourself. The only thing I can do is help you reconnect with what you already know. All the various philosophies and religions in the world are just bringing a different angle of the same absolute truth. There is no right or wrong path. All paths, at their highest forms, ultimately lead to the same truth and prioritize on developing different aspects. It's up to you to decide which path resonates most with your own dharma, life purpose and priorities.

It really doesn't matter whether you are atheist, Catholic, Buddhist or a scientist. We're all seeking the same truth. It's not about rejecting whatever you believe. It's about better understanding it. There are now many scientific researches on spirituality so science and spirituality are not contradictory anymore.

You may want to read this guide a few times as you will understand it from a different perspective each time. For example, I talk about dharma spirituality, contentment spirituality and desires in the first chapters and define them later. Once you understand the meaning of these concepts, you will understand these first chapters from a completely different light. The same goes for all other concepts.

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